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Bill Southworth

Otago Regional Council

Which communities will you speak for and about at the council table?

The citizens of Otago both urban and rural.

What is the number one social and economic issue for the community and for the city? (DCC question). What is the key issue for the region at this time and for the next 10 years? (ORC question)

Restoring the 17 rivers in Otago that are classified by ORC scientists as badly polluted back as near as possible to their original state. Hi

How will you elevate community aspirations? How will you know what they are? (DCC question only)

Under the Local Government Act 2002, councils are required to maintain and improve opportunities for Māori to contribute to local government decision-making processes. How will you honour this obligation in your role with the Dunedin City Council/Otago Regional Council?

I will encourage the initiative already in place to have a spokesperson advising us on Maori perspectives as a permanent member at council meetings.

What is your usual approach to achieving collegial and constructive relationships with the people you work with? What is the most important element of a constructive working relationship?

I believe in a polite and civil discourse between members with different points of view.

The DCC's place-based community fund has been a game changer for community-led development and growing connected and resilient communities in Ōtepoti. What more will you do as a councillor to support community development in the city? (DCC candidate question only)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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